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Words, furniture, stories, scenarios, states.
I Like The Way This Is Going » Eels     Whichever way the wind is blowing    I like the way this is going.  ☞
Apple Blossom » The White Stripes    Put your troubles in a little pile   And I will sort them out for you.  ☞
There’s Too Much Love » Belle and Sebastian    I could hang about and burn my fingers    I’ve been hanging out here waiting for something to start  ☞
Dogs » Damien Rice     And she gives, I get    Without getting anything on me  ☞
Isolations » Beat Crusaders    I remember when we used to play     In my yard  ☞
Steady As She Goes » The Raconteurs    Find yourself a girl    And settle down  ☞
If Not Now, Whenever » The Books    INTERLUDE
Chair » Big Deal    You only want me for the songs    I write about you  ☞
I Want The One I Can’t Have » The Smiths    And a stalwart lover for sure    These are the riches of the poor  ☞
Shade of a Shadow » Teitur     Leave a message when I’m south bound    Could I please, could I please  ☞
Ophelia » Minks     The pieces that you swallow    Memories are all we have  ☞
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out » Sara Lov    But then a strange fear gripped me    And I just couldn’t ask  ☞
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— put together at Billy's request to make “a soundtrack of my circumstances” list. Hope this tells the story. :) I HAD to include the last one in a different “closing song” form, at your indirect request. 
— all songs downloadable individually via Mediafire. Click on the arrow to see full lyrics.
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